Amenity Booking System

  • A comprehensive facility reservation system for societies
  • Define facilities of your society that are available for booking by members
  • Attach usage rules, charges and details with each facility
  • View list of facilities and the bookings made by members
  • Facilities Manager (Administrators) can make reservations on behalf of the members
  • Members can make booking
  • Administrators can define flexible rate structures in flat rate, hourly rate or daily rate with different slabs.
  • Administrators can also define different rates for different categories of bookings - one rate structure for owners, another for tenants, another for guests of members and yet another for vendors! The charge amount will automatically be calculated when a booking is made
  • Charges are automatically calculated based on the reservation made - total cost is shown for recurring bookings
  • Administrators can approve or reject each booking (can be configured to auto-approve bookings)
  • Option to book society facility for Personal or Community Purposes.(party hall, lawn area, swimming pool, community hall)
  • Yearly calendar to check list all the activities going on in your apartment complex, the availability of facilities on particular date and time and view pre-booked events
  • Online payment facility to confirm booking in advance
  • Able to maintain the entire booking history
  • Residents can flag their presence by “Going”, “Not Going”
  • Option to invite a particular resident, a group of residents or even the entire residence, by a single click. (Email, SMS or both)

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