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Manage Payments and receipts easily using UnityLiving.

Tracking of associations income and expenses is easy now with UnityLiving. Payments are the expenses of the association and receipts denote the various sources of Income to the asso...

     Dec. 12, 2017

Homecare remedies for Working couples.

In today’s world, both husband and wife will be working and its really difficult to manage things. If they are aware of some simple tips while  buying or renting a proper...

     Dec. 12, 2017

Now send group emails from unityliving

We are presenting this  feature to send individual and group emails to the owners and administrators from the software unityliving.Now you don’t have to go to your mail p...

     Dec. 12, 2017

Get the account balance of all owners in a single click.

Unityliving introduces a new feature- dues and advance account balance. Now get information on the pending dues and advance for each apartment owner in a single click. On using this...

     Dec. 12, 2017

SMS Services of UnityLiving : Get messages even in DND Numbers!

UnityLiving provide you with inbuilt SMS delivery features. It ensures guaranteed SMS delivery on transactions. Now owners/tenants will receive notifications in real time about thei...

     Dec. 12, 2017

Apartment Association says:- UnityLiving reduced the headaches in Dues Collection.

Long gone are the days for association managers to post reminders to each resident, door to door. No more confusion regarding the list of defaulters. With the introduction of unityl...

     Dec. 12, 2017


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