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 Dec. 12, 2017


Long gone are the days for association managers to post reminders to each resident, door to door. No more confusion regarding the list of defaulters. With the introduction of unityliving, the processes are simplified to an extent of single click.

Maintaining full-time staff and office facilities or operating with volunteers who often lack time, experience, and expertise in key areas of association management can result in inefficiencies as long-term goals get lost in day-to-day details and major investment in overhead.

UnityLiving is a web based software to manage the day to day activities and communication in a Residential Complex such as Apartments, Villas etc. This is a one stop solution for all the issues and could make the job of apartment management, smooth and enjoyable. It brings transparency into the operations of the association and improves satisfaction of owners and residents.

Manage and maintain your apartment professionally with Unity living tools, not being person dependent and reduce your total efforts.

UnityLiving gives you the option to send payment reminders at frequent intervals. The reminder is sent as an E-mail and also as SMS to personal cell number. These steps ensure that nobody is left to notify about the pending payments. This helps to reduce the number of defaulters.

Unity living provides you the feature of easy report generation, which gives you the ready list of payment defaulters. Residents are provided with easy online payment options, which soon get reflected in their respective user accounts.

Association can actively use the above features and can collect the pending payments quickly and easily.

The software does not require any setup cost. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. It integrates all the operations in a residential community including accounts, billing, communication etc.  It eliminates all the difficulties in managing the apartments and brings the entire community together. UnityLiving is best suited to act as an apartment or villa management / association accounting /LPG billing/ online association software.

With the introduction of unityliving, the association secretary and caretakers are now at ease, as they do not have to go door to door for completing the financial services. The difficulty to maintain a record of defaulters and to constantly remind the residents about payment, had only increased the incontinence of both managing staff and the residents.The email and SMS reminder feature of unityliving was very helpful in reducing the no of defaulters and collect payments in time. We can easily pull the list of defaulters and send them frequent reminders as SMS and E- mail.

With the introduction of unity living, the income towards the association has increased profoundly. It helped in reducing the no of defaulters and also the difficulties in managing a full time staff that had no experience in association management.



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