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 Dec. 12, 2017


Unityliving introduces a new feature- dues and advance account balance. Now get information on the pending dues and advance for each apartment owner in a single click. On using this report, you do not have to check separate reports – Dues collection and advance collection to know the dues details and advance details. The feature is a combination of both the reports and more. The report is a combined version of existing dues, advance account balance and details of owners.

With our new feature, we bring you the finance balance report in the ease of a few clicks. It is important for the association to know the balance amount in both dues and advance for the beginning of a new month or a financial year.

This is in addition to our two new features dues account statement and advance account statement. Dues account statement is a history of all the dues settlement that took place in the account of the owner arranged by date. The details will contain cash and bank settlement.

Advance account statement contains details of auto settlement from dues and dues directly settled from advance account.

Manage your association better with UnitLiving!!!



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