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 Dec. 12, 2017


We are presenting this  feature to send individual and group emails to the owners and administrators from the software unityliving.Now you don’t have to go to your mail page and enter the email id of your owners one by one to send emails.We understand how tiring and time consuming it can be for you to select individual email id’s to send a common message to a group of people. We also understand that you don’t want reply emails and queries from apartment owners heaping up your personal email account.

Unityliving brings you an enchanting feature to send group emails.You can create separate groups for separate groups of people [ie- Office Bearers group, Block A residents etc] and send them mails.Administrators/ Managers /Staff can send instant e mails to members/ member groups in the community.

We are sure that you are going to find this feature very useful as there would be hundreds of people you want to send the e-mails regarding association activities.

Owners and tenants are automatically created groups. You can also create custom groups like management committee or Block A residents etc.  We are always in search for solutions that will ease your burden for association management.

With the services of unity living, you will experience community living at its best.

Manage your association better with unityliving !!!



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