Document Store

  • Upload and maintain scanned manuals and agreements, ownership documents, rental agreements, reference documents, legal documents etc.
  • Documents can be accessed only by authorised personals.
  • Management Committee have options to publish documents upon requirement.
  • Documents can be stored in customised fo
  • Options for private documents and member only
  • Storage space for scanned agreements, work in progress documents.
  • Upload all scanned Manuals, Receipts of Various Facilities in the Apartment Society.
  • Once document is ready to be shared with all residents, one click publishing sends it to the Document Rep
  • file storage space for Apartment management committee, owners, etc
  • Reports from all Management and Accounting Applications consolidated in this application.
  • Very useful readymade reports such as Residents List, Vehicle report, Maintenance Fee defaulters, Cash Flow report, Expense report etc.
  • Any report can be published to the Notice Board with single click, so they can be shared with all residents.
  • Setup a workflow for tracking Move Ins and Move Outs.
  • Capture Lease Start and Lease End for Tenants.
  • Verify if all documents have been submitted by member and generate defaulters report.
  • Customize fields for your societies needs.

Are you planning to have a management system for your apartment or residential area? We can help you.