“My past 3.5 years of experience in UnityLiving ,I have never experienced a boss employee atmosphere. Everyone here is treated equally as in a family with inseparable bonds which we can't leave off .”


“Overall,I have an immensely positive experience in UnityLiving.There is a lively culture with full of humbleness and genuine care for our peers from management.The interaction among employees is well welcoming and definitely sets the standards for how a company should be.I feel like i am part of this family and am grateful to be here.”

Jiya Sam

“ UnityLiving stands apart from other employers because this company enables us to balance our work life seamlessly. I also got exposure to new areas of work and functions, which helped me develop my knowledge and skill sets as a young professional. ”

Dhariya Sreedharan

“Unityliving has brought out the professional attitude in me and has helped me to built an excellent career.This is the result of good leadership and work culture followed here.”

Sajith Kumar

“ This is a company which shows a sincere interest in employees and provides solutions for their problems.A very good working culture with lots of fun activities and entertainments.”

Febry Jose

“Life in UnityLiving is as beautiful as how our company's name is..really we are living a life here with unity,helping each other to uplift the company to new heights.”

Helna Paul

“I have been to IT career for more than 8 years and am thankful for the opportunity to work in UnityLiving ,fully energetic colleagues and whole handed support from management makes UnityLiving worth a wonder factor to work with.”

Emil Baby

“I am working as a BDE in UL and as a fresher, am sure this is the best career opportunity I have got to start with. Super supportive colleagues and Management helps me to contribute my own ideas for business development.”

Babish Jose

“Very much employee oriented company and colleagues are really friendly and helping. Very positive working atmosphere”


“I really enjoy the opportunity to work in UnityLiving.This company has introduced me to a career that i have never considered before.I have learned so many professional lessons and discovered an inner confidence that i didn know i have.I am sure that it will guide me on my journey to reach success.”

Nithin Kuriakose