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Both parties agree that payments made in respect of any bills which Customer or anyone else disputes as a transaction not done by payer or delivery of services not received by the customer or the allegation that transaction has been done by unknown persons which is disputed by customer or payer or a charge/debit arising out of any alleged hacking,phishing, breach of security/ encryption of the end user’s Login/Password or debit card number or PIN has arisen and a request for Chargeback/refund has been made by the customer or payer then it is agreed by both the parties herein that such chargeback/refund dealt in the following manner:

Customer shall provide proof of delivery of service to the Customer within 4 days of intimation of chargeback by payment gateway provider. If not resolved by the customer within the above stipulated period of four (4) days, customer shall make adjustment to the customers bill and shall refund amount to payment gateway provider. payment gateway provider shall refund such amount to the payer. In case of non submission of the above said supporting documents within the timelines prescribes as above, the amount in respect of such charge back shall be debited from the account of the customer by payment gateway provider and no claim of customer shall be entertained in this respect. In no condition the liability of any Chargeback will borne by payment gateway provider, it shall be solely the customer’s responsibility.