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Getting Started

Welcome to UnityLiving

You are now among the happy and satisfied members of UnityLiving Community who uses this amazing software to access the details of your apartment. UnityLiving helps you monitor your apartment information, accounts details, payments and receipts, communication with management committee, important announcements etc from anywhere in the world.

Facilities available to apartment owners:

  • Add/Edit the Apartment Information, contact details, tenant information, vehicle details, password etc.
  • Communicate with Management Committee for raising complaints, concerns or suggestions
  • Option to download the documents posted by Management Committee. Owner can maintain their personal documents also
  • Option to see the notices posted by the Association
  • Owners can view/ download/print Dues Statement
  • Owners can view/download/print the past payment information and receipts.
  • Option to view/print Dues and Advance account statement.
  • Online payment of Charges
  • Book association facilities online( eg: Party hall, Swimming pool)
  • Option to intimate Association regarding payment of Charges ( I have Paid)
  • Option to create and participate events hosted by Association and other Residents.
  • Option to view / download and to Photo Gallery ( Album)
  • Option to Participate in Opinion Polls & E-vote
  • Option to create and participate in Discussion Forums
  • 0Option to create advertisements to make your apartments to Sale/ Rent And many more….


A computer/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone connected to the internet ideally a broadband connection. Web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 or above, Opera, Safari

Primary Activities

  • Open your web browser; please type in the web address URL. This will guide you to the home page of your apartment.
  • If you are unable to login/forgot your password, you may click on forgot your password to retrieve the password using your registered email address. If you are facing any trouble, please contact the Admin of your association

  • Log in with your user id and password provide by your Apartment Association to access your account. One you have successfully logged in you will be directed to the member homepage, which is entirely yours.
  • The user Overview page will contain a Bulletin board, which wills notices/special, all information that will require your attention.
  • In your homepage, there will be 12 menu buttons, Overview, Service Requests, Key Personnel, Documents, Events, Album, Sale & Rent, Poll, E-vote, Discussions and Settings, Help.

Add/Modify Owner Information and Apartment/Villa details

On clicking the Details link along with the Apartment/Villa number, it will take you to your profile page. Click on edit, you can now update your details. You can update your communication information including phone number, email address, 2nd or 3rd phone number, Permanent Address, Vehicle Details and other important information related to your apartment/villa

You can add more than one vehicle information separated by a comma (,)

Likewise you can update tenant details and co-owner details also. Please note, you will get SMS notifications only to the number ( 10 digit mobile number) provided in the‘Mobile’ field. SMS alerts will be available only to people residing in India.

Key Personnel

From this module, You can know the contact information of committee members details including their designation, mobile & e-mail contact, door no details . Also you can know the staff details including their designation and contact information

Creating Service Requests

Communicating your service requests, complaints and feedback is very important. UnityLiving will help you surf through this process quite easily. Right in your page there will be a notification on the existing service request if made. If you are new to the website both will show zero Once you click on my service request tab in the top, you will take to the requests page. Here you can provide subject and content. If you have more than one apartment/villa associated with the account, you can select the right one from the drop down menu.

How it works?

Once you create a new service request, it will be available to the concerned two personals in the Association Management ( It can be Help Desk user, Facility manager or personal in Association Management committee) along with an email and notification. They can respond to your service request. Once they respond to your request, it will be available in your account along with an email and SMS notification to your email id and your mobile number added in the software. Also You can get notifications for all the sub sequent updates. Status of the Service Request will be ‘open ‘until the management committees resolve/close the request. Once they close the request, no further communication will be possible to the particular Service Request. But you can “ Re Open “ the service request, if the resolution didn’t met up to your satisfaction. You can even “ Rate “ the quality of resolution and provide comments which will help the concerned team to improve their Service Quality. If you are using this facility to intimate any physical complaints inside the apartment, using the option “ Preferred Date, Preferred Time “ , you can set the convenient time/ availability in your apartment for resolution.

Account Summary

The summary of your payments and dues is available on the My Account Page. Here you can see Total Dues, over dues and Advance Account Balance. Just below the account summary, you can see Dues Statement (outstanding invoiced charge items) and Dues Receipts (Receipt of past payments). Both Dues Statement and Dues Receipts can download in “ .pdf “ format and you can download/print this on demand. You can see the Dues Account Statement and Advance Account statement just below the above option which indicates the transactions made in dues account and advance account in that particular financial year.

How to intimate Association regarding offline Payments?

If you made payment to association other than online payment (NEFT, Cash, Cheque etc) and not received the receipt, you can intimate the same using the option “ I Have Paid “.

When you click on the button “ I have paid “, This will re-direct us to Dues page where we can see the dues list of the user as shown below.

Here you can select the charge item whose payment was made ( or select all if you have paid all the payments) and click on “ I have paid “ button in the top. Which will redirect you to a new page to enter the details of payment ( eg: cheque number, transfer details etc). After entering all the details, a confirmation message will go to the concerned personal with the details of the payment. They can cross check with actual details and approve/ reject the same.

Online Payment of Charges

This is the second most important and amazing feature of Unityliving. With the help of this feature we can do the dues payment online through the payment gateway. To know more about this feature let us see the following steps to be followed: After login to the system we can see the homepage as per the screenshot below.

As we see above there is a button named “VIEW DETAILS” we need to click on this. This will redirect us to the Dues page of the owner. There we can see the list of pending dues as in the screenshot below.

After selecting the dues click on Pay Online to proceed.

This will redirect to the confirmation page. Check the details properly and click on Proceed.

After clicking on Proceed it will get re-directed to Payment Gateway page. Here we need to carefully enter the details as per the payment mode and click on Pay Now

Once a transaction is successful we will be receiving the confirmation as success and will re-directed to the receipt page where we can take a print out and mail it to the Admin.

Amenity Booking

Click “Manage”Select “Amenities Booking”

Document Store

Owners and tenants can view and download important documents published by the Association and also can keep their personal documents.

You can keep your documents in my documents by following these steps. Click New document ->Enter name & description->to attach file, use choose file option-> Click on save.


This option is intended to view and participate the events published by the Association. You can create your own event also. Created events will be available in my events, You may follow the following steps to create events. Events-> click Create events-> enter create section & payment section details-> click on submit

Photo Gallery:

We can view / download photos related to our Apartment using Photo Gallery option.

Sale & Rent

create advertisements to make your apartments to Sale/ Rent. You may follow the steps to create advertisements. Click Sale & Rent ->Click Create Ad-> enter your apartment information and your contact information-> Click Submit

Once you created ad , It will be visible to the home page. So everyone can notice your ad, they can approach you through provided contact details.

Opinion Poll

Opinion Poll helps you to involve your participation related to the Polls initiated by the Association. One vote per apartment is permitted for Poll and you can view the results once the Poll expires.


E-vote helps you to involve your participation related to the election conducted in the Association. One vote per apartment is permitted for E-vote and you can view the results once the vote expires.


Discussion option helps you to interact with other members in the Apartment. You can create new discussion and also participate in the discussions created by others.


you can change the financial year, and you can take your last year accounts information through our application

How to Change password?

To change your password (It is advisable to change your password at regular Intervals) please click on “ My Account “ change password that will lead you the password management page. You can enter new password in this page. You can also profile pic using this option. In case you forgot your password, please contact Association for resetting the password.

Terms Used:
  • Auto Settlement: Indicates settling the payment from advance account which was paid earlier.
  • Charges: Invoiced items.

Thank you for your time in reading the document. We are adding more and more features every month to improve the software. We look forward to hear your valuable suggestions and feedback!