Utility Tracker

  • Used in cases where Members are billed based on Meter Readings, typically for Piped Gas, Water, Electricity, Diesel Generator etc.
  • Upload Meter Readings month and month, and System will calculate the Bills based on the formula.
  • Utility Dues are not mixed up with Maintenance Bills - so the Arrears shown in each of the Maintenance bills are independent of Utility Bills and vice versa.
  • Pull up a list of Utility Defaulters and alert them through Email or SMS.
  • Keep Refundable Deposits for Utilities, and return them when the Tenant leaves or Owner Sells the premises.
  • Facility to Upload Late Payment Interest, Usage charges - additional Revenue for Society.
  • Keep separate Bank Accounts for Utility Billing.
  • Configure second Bank Account especially for Payment Gateway for Utility Billing.
  • more...

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